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Actipro Blog 2012 Q4 Posting Summary


What We Accomplished

In this quarter we added some huge new features to our WPF control products, such as new Metro themes, a window chrome implementation that works on any Window, Office 2013-like Ribbon Backstage, a reimplementation of RibbonWindow, and a lot more.  WinRT/XAML (Windows 8), Silverlight, and WinForms products also saw updates.

We have been working on features for 2013.1 versions of our products and should have some more details on what is coming soon.

We also released our Code Writer app for Windows 8, which is a free text and code editor application with lots of customization features and tabbed MDI support.  This app allows us to test out the port of SyntaxEditor to WinRT/XAML that we are working on.  It also helps us connect more directly with end users to learn more about what features end users are looking for in apps that use SyntaxEditor.

What’s Coming Next

We are currently working on prepping a new product for several platforms as well as new features for existing controls that will appear in the 2013.1 versions of our controls.  We are continuing to enhance the Code Writer app as well, and are working on the SyntaxEditor port to WinRT/XAML.

Blog Post List

Here is a quick categorized list of useful blog postings made in this quarter.

Control Product Development

Control Product Releases

Code Writer App

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