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Micro Charts Part 13 - Data Aggregation


In the previous post for our new Micro Charts product (currently available for WPF and Silverlight), we talked about adding ranges to charts.  In today's post, we'll look at how ranges can be used to highlight specific portions of the charts.

Because micro charts render at small sizes data aggregation is used to increase rendering performance and readability.  Customization is provided for the degree of aggregation as well as whether or not aggregation is enabled at all.


Above a line series is shown with no aggregation and 10% aggregation. The degree of aggregation affects the number of markers shown by grouping together data points. The method for aggregating the groups of data can also be set in various ways to tweak the look of the graph. The various methods include averaging, using the first, using the minimum, and more.

Data aggregation can be used to create a more defined chart that is easier to understand and better displays the data for the end-user.

In our next post, we'll look at live data features such as showing a live stock ticket.

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