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Micro Charts Part 8 - Hot-Tracking Tooltips


In the previous post for our new Micro Charts product (currently available for WPF and Silverlight), we showed some examples of win/loss charts.  In today's post, we'll take a look at a neat feature called hot-tracking tooltips.

Since micro charts display quantitative data for use in dashboards and grids, and render it at small sizes, there is no room to display axis labels.  In certain scenarios the end user will want to know more details about particular data points.  Our product has a hot-tracking tooltip feature that allows them to see the exact values of a data point.  The tooltips "snap" to the closest data point to the mouse so that it's clear which data point the tooltip is rendered for.


The screenshots above show some examples of hot-tracking tooltips in action.  We provide a format string you can set on each series that tells the tooltip what to display.  This format string can display anything from formatted data point X/Y values to a description of the series.

If you wish to further customize what is rendered for each series, you can change the marker style or even make a completely custom data template.

The hot-tracking tooltip feature and its rich customization options really help end users dig into the data further.

In our next post, we'll take a look at some color palette features.

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