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Micro Charts Part 2 - Sample Usages


The Micro Charts product, recently announced in this post, can be used in many scenarios to help visualize quantitative data.  The most common scenarios are usage in dashboards, reports, and grids.

In today's post, we'll look at some sample usage scenarios.


In this sample, we are reporting sales and units sold throughout various regions.  By combining raw numerical data with the advanced visualizations provided by micro charts, the report is much easier to read and also gives a lot more data.


Notice how we can see how the past 12 months have performed both in sales and units sold.  The sales line chart even highlights the high and low months.  This kind of information is exactly what managers want to see. 

Inline Usage

Since micro charts are designed to render clearly in small heights, they even can be used inline in text documents.


In this sample, micro charts are embedded inline within a report document and provide additional information about production and sales numbers.


Micro charts work great in dashboards.  Take this dashboard snippet for example.  It's listing the stocks currently being watched.


The sample shows the start/end prices of each stock surrounding their price micro chart.  This sample has been customized for the micro chart to indicate the high point in blue and the low point in green.  The related high/low price and date information is indicated to the right.


These are just several examples of ways that micro charts can improve data reporting and visualization.  Stay tuned for more blog posts on the upcoming Micro Charts product.

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