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New WPF QuickStart Showing Alternate Docking/MDI Themes


Earlier this week we posted new builds of many products, including WPF Studio.  The latest WPF Studio build now has a new QuickStart that shows how easy the Themes portion of WPF Studio makes it to customize other products such as Docking/MDI.

The first release of WPF Studio 2011.2 made some visual updates to Docking/MDI that went with a more high-contrast look that focuses the user's eye on content, instead of the docking UI.  This look is similar to Visual Studio 2010 (Aero theme shown below):


We had a couple customers request an option to use the older lighter appearance that was present is past versions.  So for build 552 we added a QuickStart showing how easy it is to customize the entire look of the Docking/MDI product.  We provide full source lighter alternate Docking/MDI themes for Aero, Office Blue, and Office Silver in this QuickStart.

Here is the alternate theme for Aero:


The QuickStart demonstrates how you can wire up alternate themes to use and take effect whenever the app's theme is changed.  Download WPF Studio's latest build to see this new QuickStart in action.

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