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Actipro Blog 2011 Q4 Posting Summary


What We Accomplished

In this quarter, we released the 2011.2 versions of WPF Studio and Silverlight Studio.  Numerous major new feature areas were added to SyntaxEditor, and WPF saw the release of our new Themes for WPF product, which unifies and improves how theming is done across our WPF products, adds full themes for native controls, and facilitates consistent app-wide themes.

What’s Coming Next

There are a lot of exciting things coming in the next several months:

  • A brand new web site that has been in development for over a year
  • Updates to our WinForms products
  • A new product coming to WPF and Silverlight
  • More SyntaxEditor features

Blog Post List

Here is a quick categorized list of useful blog postings made in this quarter.

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