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Themes for WPF Part 6 - Wrapping Up


This post concludes our series on the Actipro Themes being added for all our WPF controls in the upcoming 2011.2 version.  We hope you have enjoyed seeing the new theme-related features that are just around the corner.


To sum up, Actipro Themes has these major features:

  • Over 10 professionally-designed themes, including all system and Office themes
  • Enhanced styles/templates for native WPF controls with the latest UI designs
  • Native WPF control styles/templates can be applied app-wide with one line of code or used on a case-by-case basis
  • Reusable styles/templates for common scenarios such as embedded buttons and glyphs
  • A common pool of reusable brush assets, used by the styles/templates for both Actipro's custom controls and native WPF controls
  • Special brush assets, such as ones for container and workspace backgrounds
  • All assets can be customized globally or on a per-theme basis
  • Brush assets are organized into tint groups that can each be tinted towards any color, allowing for easy custom theme generation

Beta Testing and Final Release

If you are an existing customer and are interested in beta testing Actipro Themes and the rest of WPF Studio 2011.2 (like all the new SyntaxEditor features), please e-mail us ASAP.  We’re expecting to start the beta test early next week.

The final release should be out several days following the beta test start.

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