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WPF Studio 2011.1 Build 543 Released


WPF Studio 2011.1 build 543 has been released and is now available for download.

This maintenance release adds several large new features, along with many tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Docking: Added support for linking DockSites, which allows documents or tools to be dragged from one DockSite to another.
  • Docking: Added support for Interop content in auto-hide popups.
  • Editors: Added support for entering gradient brushes to BrushEditBox.
  • Editors: Added new IsCaseAutoCorrected option to MaskedTextBox to support case correction.
  • Navigation: Added NavigationBar.IsHeaderVisible property which is used to replicate the Office 2010 look.
  • PropertyGrid: Added new PropertyGrid/WinForms Interop assembly which includes backward support for custom UITypeEditors.
  • SyntaxEditor: Added support for AST node ID values and code generation from the Language Designer.
  • SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on: Added automated IntelliPrompt completion lists and quick info.
  • SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on: Added object models to support reflection, context-building, and resolution of .NET types and members.
  • Shared Library: Added new ColorComponentSlider control which can be used to alter a single component of a color.
  • Shared Library: Added new GradientBrushSlider control which can be used to alter the stops of a gradient brush.

See the announcement post for the detailed list of enhancements and updates.

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Here are a couple screens showing off major new features:

DotNetAddonCSharpThe new automated IntelliPrompt features of SyntaxEditor’s .NET Languages Add-on in action… it’s like having Visual Studio’s code editor in your own applications

PropertyGridBrushEditBoxOpenUpdated EditBox for editing brushes with full gradient brush support via new slider controls, which can be used independently of the drop-down as well

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