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Icons Elements Released – Overlay Glyphs to Create New Icons


Sometimes you want to create your own icons from scratch or simply want to modify other existing icons. These scenarios are where our new Actipro Icons Elements product, which just launched, comes into play.

Actipro Icons Elements is a set of over 600 overlay icons that can be combined with any other custom or third-party icon to give new meaning to the icon. The overlays can be simple adornments or can represent various states/actions.

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Usage Example

Say that you had an icon for an image that you obtained from either our Actipro Icons Essentials bundle or from a third-party, and you wanted to create an icon representing the action of sharing an image.


All you’d do is locate the “element” icon you wish to use from our Icons Elements set (in this case a hand glyph that commonly represents sharing), and use your favorite image editor (Photoshop, Visual Studio, etc.) to combine the two into a new icon.

Voila!  By combining existing icons with the professionally-designed overlay glyphs in this set, you can create an amazing number of customized icons, suited to your needs.

Icon Designs

Check out the icon designs below.  Note that the previews below are blurry for copy protection.  The real icons are crisp and clear.

Large Size

The Large size elements are ideal for overlaying 32x32 size icons.


Small Size

The Small size elements are ideal for overlaying 16x16 size icons.


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