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New Actipro Icons Essentials v2.0 - Now with Over 30,000 Images


We’re very happy to announce that v2.0 of our Actipro Icons Essentials product launched today, adding nearly 9,000 new images to the icon bundle!

If you have a need for high-quality icons to be used in a web site or application, please have a look at our product.  All our icons are crisp and clear in 32x32 and 16x16 sizes, unlike many competitors who design their icons at larger sizes and never clean up anti-alias artifacts that result when they are scaled down to smaller sizes.

As part of the new version, we added a new Development set and reorganized what previously was a Miscellaneous set into our other sets.

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Upgrading to v2.0

If you are an existing Actipro Icons Essentials customer, you can upgrade to v2.0 with nearly 9,000 new images for just $30 per developer.  Bulk discounts are also available.  Please email our sales department for assistance with upgrading.

New Icon Designs

Check out the new icon designs added in v2.0 below.  Note that the red lines are for copy protection and do not appear in the real icons.

Basics (164 New Designs)


Communication & Management (183 New Designs)


Database (32 New Designs)


Development (144 New Designs)


Hardware & Networking (83 New Designs)


Imaging (25 New Designs)


Multimedia (75 New Designs)


People (84 New Designs)


Word Processing & Spreadsheet (18 New Designs)


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