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Web Languages Add-on IntelliPrompt Improvements


We’ve made some more enhancements to the XML syntax language in our SyntaxEditor Web Languages Add-on, related to the automated IntelliPrompt completion list display. 

Our XML syntax language allows you to point it to an XSD schema and it will automatically show IntelliPrompt popups based on the schema data.  It’s really very slick and requires almost no work on your end to get going.

The updates described here apply to both the Windows Forms version of the add-on as well as the WPF version of the add-on

Attribute Name Completion List

In previous versions, the attribute name completion list would popup up when the caret is in a start tag and the Space key is pressed or Ctrl+Space.


With the new updates, a completion list will also display if you start to type a new attribute name with a letter character.  In the screenshot above, we typed an a character and the completion list displayed.

Attribute Value Completion List

Now say that you press Tab to commit the align attribute insertion.  In the Windows Forms add-on a completion list would show the related attribute values.  This feature was not yet in the WPF add-on and was added.

Another new scenario added to both versions of the add-on is when the caret is in an empty attribute value, between quotes.  In the previous versions, you had to press Ctrl+Space to get the attribute value completion list to display.


With the new updates, a completion list will display if you start to type in an empty attribute value.  In the screenshot above, we typed a c character and note how the completion list displayed and center was automatically selected.  Pressing Tab would complete insertion of the value.


These enhancements further improve the efficiency with which your users can enter XML data since less keystrokes are required to initiate prompting.

The SyntaxEditor for WinForms build 288 that was released today has these updates in it.  The next SyntaxEditor for WPF maintenance release will have the updates as well.

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