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WPF Studio 2010.2 released

We’re extremely pleased to announce the release of WPF Studio 2010.2, available now.  Customers with active subscriptions can upgrade to the latest version for free from their Organization Purchases page.

WPF Studio 2010.2 contains very major updates to the Docking/MDI, PropertyGrid, Ribbon, SyntaxEditor and Views products.

  • Docking/MDI adds complete layout serialization (MDI area too), new layout deserialization options, and many new UI options.
  • PropertyGrid makes numerous performance improvements and adds nested categories.
  • Ribbon adds Office 2010 themes with glass extensions into the tab area.
  • SyntaxEditor adds our new LL(*) Parser Framework, which is a grammar-based way to easily create parsers.  It also adds many new features and a new Getting Started series of QuickStarts that show how to build a custom syntax language start to finish.
  • The SyntaxEditor Web Languages Add-on has been released, which provides an advanced XML syntax language implementation with automated IntelliPrompt completion lists, quick info, schema validation, code outlining, and much more.
  • Views adds the new book control, previously shown in this post.

Download the free WPF Studio 2010.2 evaluation now

For a larger summary of updates and some screenshots, please view our latest newsletter:


Enjoy the new version!

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