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Silverlight Studio 2010.1 build 101 released

We’ve just released Silverlight Studio 2010.1 build 101.  We’ve got some great new features in this build.

ToolBar gets overflow and vertical orientation capabilities

As described in this previous post, the ToolBar control in our Shared Library has been updated to support overflow of controls to a popup and vertical orientation.


The screenshot above shows both features in action.

SyntaxEditor’s new EditorSearchView control

SyntaxEditor for WPF has a great control called EditorSearchView that you can drop into a window and instantly provide find/replace functionality to you end users.


With today’s release, now SyntaxEditor for Silverlight has it too.  You can quickly toggle between find and replace modes using our ToolBar control and all of the standard find/replace options are available to the end user.

SyntaxEditor adds a context menu

Finally, we’ve added a default context menu to SyntaxEditor for Silverlight to make it even more user-friendly.


The context menu has the standard editing options available.


The new build is live right now.  Check out the announcement post for change details.  Enjoy!

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