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Silverlight Studio is live and ready for download!

After many months of hard work, we’ve finished the first version of Silverlight Studio and have released it to the public!



Silverlight Studio contains these products:

We’re really excited to see what our customers do with SyntaxEditor, since that sort of control opens up all sorts of possibilities for online development/scripting applications.

Live Demo and Free Evaluation

We have a live demo that you can run if you have Silverlight 4 installed.  It showcases the controls:

We encourage you to download a free evaluation of the suite and try it out in Visual Studio 2010 or Blend.  Note that if you use VS 2010, you must have the Silverlight 4 Tools for VS 2010 installed from Microsoft.

Moving Forward

Once you get a chance to check out the new products, please send us some feedback.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have fun coding!

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