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ZoomContentControl – Adding pin overlays that anchor to a location

The ZoomContentControl is a control we added to our Navigation for WPF product with the WPF Studio 2009.2 release.  It makes it easy for an end user to scroll through any sort of large content.

WPF Studio 2009.2 build 515 (released this week) adds support for overlays, which are elements you add to layer on top of the content.  When the content is scrolled or scaled, the overlays move accordingly but do not scale themselves.

In this QuickStart that ships with the product as of build 515, we show a vector map of the United States.  We can add a pin to the map by clicking on the map.


In this screenshot, I clicked to add a pin by Cleveland, OH.  Let’s zoom in and scroll a bit to see what happens… 


You can see that although we’ve completely changed what we are looking at, the pin still appears in the right spot and at the same size it was when we were scrolled out.


Here we zoom in some more and show how our pin can be hovered over with the mouse.  Upon hover, a box shows that allows it to be removed by clicking the X button.

Download WPF Studio today to check out this new QuickStart for the ZoomContentControl.

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