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SyntaxEditor for WPF Language Designer enhancements (part 6)

In the previous post of this series, we looked at the dynamic lexer that was generated from the New Dynamic Lexer Wizard.  Today we’re going to examine the validation and error checking features provided by the Language Designer.

Building the project

If we click the Build Project button in the ribbon, the Language Designer examines all aspects of the language project that is loaded and reports back any errors, warnings or messages that it thinks of.  This can be anything from you forgetting to enter a required field, to a classification key for a lexical pattern group being invalid.

If we build the project for our ECMAScript language project, we are presented with one error.


Note the error in the Error List tool window telling us that we need to set an output folder path. 

Fixing the error

When we double-click the error in the list, the Code Generation pane is opened and the focus moves to the control we need to update.  We’ve included features like this to make it easy for you to jump directly to the problem that was recognized so that you can spend your time fixing the issue rather than trying to hunt down where the issue is.  This is a real time-saver.

The status bar

When doing builds, the status bar always indicates if the build was successful or failed and the time at which it was performed.  If there are any messages from the build, the count is also displayed.

Next steps

We’ve now seen how to build a project to make sure there are no errors.  Once a project is error-free, code can be generated for it.

In the next post, we’ll look at the code generation configuration pane, where we’ll output some code for our language.

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