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SyntaxEditor for WPF - Text statistics

SyntaxEditor 4.0 for WinForms has a neat feature that a lot of people may not know about.  It has a complete statistics engine built-in that can calculate a number of useful statistics about your text content.  The statistics can easily be obtained for the selected text within a view, the entire document, or even for your own custom text strings. 

Language definitions can append new statistics too.  For instance, a C# language definition may add a statistic counting the number of lines that contain comments.  This is extremely useful for apps that may examine a directory structure to calculate comment coverage over source code files.

SyntaxEditor for WPF also contains this text statistics engine (just added it today).  Check out the screenshot below of the QuickStart for this feature.


The display of text statistics for the contents of a SyntaxEditor for WPF control

As you type in the document on the left, the statistics in the right ListView update live.  The ListView is populated by calling a method on the statistics results object to return a list of statistic items (each one with a name and value) and having that list be bound to the ListView.ItemsSource.

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