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PropertyGrid for WPF released as part of WPF Studio v4.5

We're very happy to have just released PropertyGrid for WPF, a control we've been working on for several months.  The PropertyGrid control combines the best features of the Windows Forms PropertyGrid, the PropertyGrids in both Visual Studio and Expression Blend, and has a number of unique features you won't find in our competition.


The PropertyGrid for WPF control in its Office 2007 theme

Try a Live XBAP Demo

Run our WPF Studio Live Demo to see PropertyGrid in action without leaving your browser.

Downloading PropertyGrid for WPF

You can download PropertyGrid for WPF as part of our new v4.5 release of WPF Studio that just came out.  It has a bunch of QuickStarts not found in the Live Demo and also includes extensive documentation on using the control.

If you would like to try an evaluation, go to our Download WPF Studio Evaluation page.

If you are an existing WPF Studio customer with an active subscription, you can get the update for free by requesting a free upgrade from your Actipro Organization Purchases page.

Feature List

Check out this list of extensive features:

Factory Features

  • Factory architecture allows for complete customization of the items presented.
  • Built-in factories for TypeDescriptor and simple Type reflection provide the most common methods of retrieving properties.
  • Statically defined items can be used in place of, or in addition to, any items dynamically generated by a factory.
  • Ability to merge multiple objects, which means only properties common to all objects are presented.
  • Properties can be automatically sorted and custom SortDescriptions can be defined.
  • Support for expandable properties and lazy loading, which allows for cyclic references and faster load times.
  • Full support and integration with the WPF data validation infrastructure.
  • Properties can be automatically categorized, with support for CategoryAttribute.
  • Simple filtering supported via "browsable" attributes, which specifies attributes that must be defined on a property for it to be included.
  • Attached properties are supported and can be filtered, when using the built-in TypeDescriptor factory.
  • Support for BrowsableAttribute, DisplayNameAttribute, DescriptionAttribute, and several other ComponentModel attributes.
  • Support for ICustomTypeDescriptor, when using the built-in TypeDescriptor factory.
  • Asynchronous mode allows for property retrieval to be executed in a separate thread.


Editor Features

  • Several built-in property editors are provided, with more to come in later releases.
  • Support for custom property editors, which can be used to customize the look and/or feel of a given property.
  • Property editors can be defined globally, on a single PropertyGrid, or on specific property (e.g. via EditorAttribute).
  • Property editors can be tied to a property by name, Type, or both, which allows for all properties of a specified Type to use the same editor.
  • Support for custom category editors, which can be used to provide more complex interfaces for presenting/modifying specified properties.


Appearance Features

  • Includes fully customizable and resizable summary area, which shows details about the selected item.
  • Easily configurable transitions supported in the summary area.
  • Built-in themes for Aero, Office 2007 blue/black/silver, Luna blue/olive/silver, classic, and high-contrast.
  • Includes a fully customizable context menu, with standard menu items already initialized and handled via built-in commands.


Layout, Globalization, and Accessibility Features

  • Columns can be customized as needed to provide a new look or feel, columns can even be added or removed.
  • Resize columns from any where in the control, or programmatically.
  • Right-to-left support is fully integrated for languages such as Hebrew or Arabic.
  • All text properties use localization attributes, and string resources may be customized.
  • Follows the WPF accessibility model for UI automation.


Code and Requirements

  • Includes detailed documentation and a sample project that demos nearly every feature.
  • Written in 100% pure C# and is based on the Windows Presentation Foundation framework.
  • Requires the .NET 3.0 or 3.5 run-time framework.
  • Full XAML support and XBAP compatibility.
  • Extensive Visual Studio 2008 designer capabilities.
  • Visual Studio 2008 and/or Expression Blend are recommended development tools for this product.


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June 14, 2009 at 15:23  

Dilip Shrivastva India

How to automate property grid attributes (Exa : Textbox) using library

Simple autoamtion scenario ,selecting Textbox and entering value.

June 14, 2009 at 21:36  

Bill Henning (Actipro) United States

Hello, for support-related questions, please email our support staff instead so that a ticket can be created for you.  We looked with UISpy and were able to see the TextBox controls in a PropertyGrid ok.

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