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SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on IntelliPrompt Improvements

We just released build 275 of SyntaxEditor and its add-ons.  This build has a lot of minor tweaks and bug fixes that have been made over the last 2-3 months.

In addition there have been some major enhancements in the .NET Language Add-on's IntelliPrompt capabilities.

Delegate Improvements


A demo of how a delegate can be called like a method with full IntelliPrompt


Delegates now have full IntelliPrompt capabilities, just like calling methods.  Note how in the screenshot above, a generic delegate is called and a DateTime value is properly returned as the value.  The member list shows the members of the DateTime return value.

Generic Methods


A member list displayed for the result of a generic method call

Generic methods can have their return type defined by the parameter that is passed to them.  In the example above, a field called ADateProp which is of type DateTime, is passed as a parameter to the generic method Echo.  IntelliPrompt correctly recognizes that per the definition of Echo, the return type is also DateTime.

Constructed Types


Parameter info displayed for a method invoked directly off a constructed type

This feature has been highly requested... IntelliPrompt that functions on a constructed type expression.  In the screenshot above, the Append method's parameter info is displayed, following a new StringBuilder() call.

Beginnings of Lambda Expressions


A member list displayed for a lambda expression variable

Lambda expressions are a new concept in the latest C# and VB updates by Microsoft.  In the example above, a member list is displayed for the x variable introduced in a lambda expression.  IntelliPrompt determines that x is a DateTime based on the Func<DateTime, bool> declaration.

Note that not all Lambda expression IntelliPrompt works at this time but we will continue to improve IntelliPrompt in all areas as we move forward.

Enjoy the updates!

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