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Sneak Peek: Docking for WPF (Part 2 - XBAP Functionality)

This is the second sneak peek for the forthcoming Docking for WPF product that will be added to WPF Studio upon completion. 

The runtime functionality is progressing very well.  We have been getting questions from customers as to the XBAP capabilities of the docking windows.  There's no better to relate these than to show a live screenshot.


The docking functionality in an XBAP, even with support for floating windows

The screenshot above shows Docking for WPF being hosted in an XBAP browser application.  To create the screenshot we started with a default layout that was created in XAML and then at run-time, dragged the Solution Explorer tab to a floating location. 

Docking for WPF uses a custom control class that mimics Window controls but can be used in contexts like XBAPs.  It supports all the main functionality found in Window such as resizing, etc.  By using this control, we can support floating tool windows in XBAP applications.  They even have nice outer drop shadows to give them some depth.

Look for more posts on Docking for WPF development coming soon!

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