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First Look: Ribbon TextBox Hint Text

In preparation for a pretty large update to WPF Studio v3.5 that will most likely be out next week, we will be making several blog posts showing some of the new features and controls that will be available in the update.  We'll start small and get into the better features as we go.

First, we've added hint text support to Ribbon textboxes and comboboxes.  Hint text is a faded out blurb of text that appears when a textbox or combobox is empty.  It usually gives some simple instruction for related to the data that should be input to the control, or a description of that data that should be entered.

The hint text starts out somewhat opaque when there is no content in the control.  If the control gains focus, the hint text becomes slightly more transparent.  If content is entered, the hint text disappears completely.


The same TextBox in three hint text states... the top TextBox doesn't have focus or content, the middle TextBox has focus but no content, and the bottom TextBox has focus and content

Transitions between the various hint text states use smooth animations for visual appeal.

This feature can be used for Ribbon textboxes and comboboxes both inside and outside of the Ribbon.

Keep an eye on our blog as we get into some of the larger new features in forthcoming posts.

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