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Celebrating VS 2017 - A Free Universal Windows Controls Offer


VS2017 Launch Partner LogoWe're very excited to be a Visual Studio 2017 launch partner. To celebrate, we want to help you get started building some great Windows Store apps with our Universal Windows UI control products.

Our user interface control products offer features you won't find anywhere else.  All of our more recent control products have been designed with codebases that are shared as much as possible between WPF and Universal Windows.  This makes it easy to share code and technical know-how when you have Actipro controls in applications using each platform.

Free UWP Controls with Purchase of Related WPF Controls Licenses


Here's the offer:

Buy licenses for qualifying Actipro WPF UI control products and get the related UWP control product licenses for free, including free subscriptions!

As an example, this means that if you would like to buy our WPF SyntaxEditor control with its .NET Languages Add-on, follow the steps on the Offer Details page and we'll add the Universal Windows versions to your account with the same subscription period as your related WPF subscription.  All for free!

This Offer is for Our Existing Customers Too!

We don't want to leave our valued existing customers out in the cold.  If you have an active WPF controls subscription for a qualifying product, you also can follow the steps on the Offer Details page to receive your free controls too!

Our 2017.1 Versions Are Launching Soon

We are doing final testing on the 2017.1 versions of our products now and they will be launching soon.  Our 2017.1 WPF controls have new Editors that are based on the work we did when building the UWP Editors.  We've implemented many new features, made them more lightweight, and added new editors too.  The 2017.1 version also officially launches our new Grids product, which includes a rewritten PropertyGrid control that is much faster than the old version and easier to use and customize.  Grids also has brand new tree controls, including a TreeListBox and TreeListView.  Best of all, these controls will be launching on UWP in our 2017.1 release of the UWP Controls too.

Limited Time Offer

This offer is only good through July 7, 2017, so act fast by following the directions on our Offer Details page.  Please contact our sales team if you have any questions!


Gobble up some savings on Silverlight Studio


Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and we wanted to give thanks to our valued customers by offering some incredible savings on Silverlight Studio.

Offer summary

50% off for WPF Studio customers

First, for customers who have active WPF Studio subscriptions, get a comparable license count of Silverlight Studio for 50% off.  This brings a new Silverlight Studio license down to just $299!

42% off for SyntaxEditor (for WPF) customers

For customers who have active SyntaxEditor for WPF subscriptions, get a comparable license count of Silverlight Studio for 42% off.  This brings a new Silverlight Studio license down to $349.

33% off for SyntaxEditor (for WinForms) customers

For customers who have active SyntaxEditor for WinForms subscriptions, get a comparable license count of Silverlight Studio for 33% off.  This brings a new Silverlight Studio license down to $399.

What is Silverlight Studio?

Silverlight Studio is our product bundle for the Silverlight 4 platform.  Silverlight Studio’s products share a codebase with our WPF controls making it simple to switch from one platform to the other.

FeatureFocusSyntaxEditorJavascript  FeatureFocusViewsZapPanel

Silverlight Studio contains the only native syntax-highlighting code editor control for the Silverlight platform.  Imagine easily adding Visual Studio code editor-like functionality to your Silverlight apps.  That’s exactly what SyntaxEditor for Silverlight lets you do.

Views for Silverlight includes numerous panels with fluid layout, along with an innovative ZapPanel control, and an animated Book control.

Our Shared Library has a number of helpful classes, components, and controls too.

And there’s more coming too.  We have more controls planned for 2011 and your Silverlight Studio subscriptions will get you free access to any new controls added to the bundle while your subscription is active.

Notes and ordering

This is a limited time offer, only valid on orders placed directly through us from today until the end of December 2010.  Customers must have an active subscription of the qualifying product at the time the order is placed.

Please contact our sales team via e-mail prior to ordering to arrange for the discount, and be sure to indicate how many developer licenses you need.  We’ll be happy to review your existing subscriptions, and will let you know the savings you qualify for.

Also note that you can get additional savings by ordering multiple licenses.  This offer’s discount is calculated on top of any bulk discounts that apply!

TaskDownload TaskLiveDemo TaskBuyNow

Special July WPF Promotion for UIStudio Customers

Are you an existing Actipro UIStudio for WinForms customer who is just starting to look at getting into WPF development?

Through the end of the month of July only, and to celebrate the release of Actipro WPF Studio v4.0, we are offering a special discount of 25% off our normal WPF Studio prices.

WPF Studio is the ideal upgrade path for UIStudio customers getting into the WPF arena since it now includes complete docking tool window, multiple document interface, and navigation bar implementations, along with so much more.

Restrictions are that you must be an existing UIStudio customer before this post, cannot already own any of our WPF products, and must place the order before the end of the month.  Contact our sales team via email for details on how to receive the discount before you are ready to order.

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