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Looking Forward to Build 2015


We'll be attending Microsoft's annual Build event next week in San Francisco.  We're really excited about where Microsoft is headed with Windows updates, and innovations in other technologies.  The "one Microsoft" vision is unfolding before us, with the melding of the best aspects of recent Windows versions into a single Windows 10 platform.

Windows 10 will be a logical upgrade for any consumer running reasonably recent versions of Windows.  Windows 7 - 8.1 consumers will be offered it free of charge, making it a no-brainer upgrade for those users.  We really appreciate Microsoft's renewed focus on the importance of the desktop, where Universal apps will now be able to run alongside their Win32 app counterparts.

Speaking of the desktop, it's just as important as ever on PCs, especially in Windows 10.  We are fully committed to continuing development of new UI controls and products for the WPF platform.  Our current primary development focus is working on a massive update to our very popular WPF Docking/MDI product to add a whole host of new features.  Check out prior blog posts for some details on what's coming and look for many more in the near future.

In regards to Universal apps, we will be updating our WinRT XAML controls to target the Universal app platform over the coming months so that they are ready for use in developing Windows 10 apps.  The most recent release of those controls added a new task board control, an advanced Python language for our SyntaxEditor code editor control, bar code display controls, and more.

See you at Build 2015!

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See you at PDC 2008!


Sunday I'll be getting on a plane to Los Angeles to represent Actipro at this year's Microsoft PDC convention.  Sorry but Actipro won't be having a booth this year.  Instead, I will be focused on being a sponge and picking up information on all the cutting-edge technology coming down the road.  :)

My schedule will primarily focus on the WPF, Silverlight, Visual Studio, and future .NET language enhancement sessions.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what is in development for future releases of WPF and Silverlight.

I'm sure many of our valued Actipro customers will be in attendance at these sessions as well so if you happen to see me around, please feel free to introduce yourself and say hi.  I'll be bumming around with my good friend Eric Smith of Codesmith Tools.  Also feel free to email our sales address (which I will probably continue to monitor) if you'd like to meet up somewhere, and we'll see what we can do.

See you there and enjoy the show!

Bill Henning

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