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Universal Windows Controls 2016.1 Released


We're pleased to announce that our Universal Windows controls have officially been released and are ready for use in your Windows 10 apps!  Download a free evaluation today and start building your apps with them.

Let's take a quick glimpse at some of the samples that ship with the product and show off the controls:

ChartsBaseballStatsThumbnail   EditorsColorEditBoxThumbnail

MicroChartsCallCenterThumbnail   SyntaxEditorHtmlEditorThumbnail

EditorsDateTimeEditBoxThumbnail   MicroChartsStockReportThumbnail

ViewsTaskPlanningThumbnail   ChartsFinancialDashboardThumbnail

The focus of this first release was to port our older WinRT XAML controls up to the Universal Windows platform.  Look for plenty more updates and controls added in the future.

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WPF, Silverlight, and WinRT/XAML v2015.1 Released


The 2015.1 versions of our WPF, Silverlight, and WinRT/XAML controls have been released and are now available for download.

Major new features are described below.  See the announcement posts for the large detailed list of enhancements and updates, including many items not listed below:


Our Bar Codes product has been ported to the WinRT XAML platform.  This product, which already exists on WPF and Silverlight, allows your apps to render vector-based bar codes using many common 2D and linear bar code symbologies.


A full set of demos and QuickStarts are included to help you get going.


The interop assembly that makes it easy to use Docking/MDI with the Prism framework has been updated to reference the latest Prism v5.0.


We've made numerous layout and performance updates to further improve the product. 

We also have been working hard on building a completely new internal engine for the Docking/MDI product, which will be available sometime later this year.  Keep an eye on our blog for posts detailing the advanced features that are coming with those updates.


All of our edit box controls in the WinRT Editors now have an IsEditable property.  When set to false, the edit box behaves more like a ComboBox, while still retaining the rich popups that make the editors unique.  This is an ideal option for apps whose primary mode of interaction is expected to be touch.


The CornerRadiusEditBox, PointEditBox, RectEditBox, SizeEditBox, and ThicknessEditBox controls have been updated to support text parsing one and/or two number entries where appropriate, which is useful for easy uniform value entry.


In the above ThicknessEditBox, a 2 is typed and then Enter is pressed.  The value is converted to a uniform thickness of 2.

A ValueChanged event has been added to all edit boxes, which fires when a value change is committed.

Finally, edit box padding has been adjusted so that more content is visible in the same amount of space.


A new DigitalGauge.CharacterSegmentThickness property allows for segment thickness adjustments.  This gives you even finer control over the presentation of your digital characters.


We've enhanced the 'Linear Gauge Rolling Scale' QuickStart with a new infinite rolling scale example for navigation headings.



The EditorSearchView control now supports an optional "Find All" button.


The RTF export logic has been updated to support extended ASCII characters.

The free CSS language definition now supports the syntax highlighting of media queries.

We've dramatically improved the speed of large completion list display.

Several other performance improvements have been made, such as optimized the scenarios for which the TokenTagger raises its TagsChanged event, and refining of the automatic outlining update logic.

In the WinRT version, we added the SyntaxEditor.AreSelectionGrippersEnabled property, which determines whether the selection grippers show after touch within a view.

.NET Languages Add-on

The C# parser has been improved to recover better when encountering open block statements so that its AST node structure remains better in tact.


The IntelliPrompt quick info for properties now includes accessors, making it possible to see whether a property is read-only.

Python Language Add-on

The Python language has received an enormous amount of updates, that in sum really improve the entire automated IntelliPrompt feature set.


Check out all these enhancements:

  • Added IntelliPrompt for private members and updated the completion list to have Public and All filter tabs.
  • Added reflection data for private methods/fields of built-in primitive types.
  • Added IntelliPrompt for built-in exception types.
  • Improved IntelliPrompt for numerous built-in modules.
  • Greatly improved IntelliPrompt for package and module imports.
  • Improved IntelliPrompt for function parameters by examining available assert statement isinstance calls.
  • Added IntelliPrompt for static fields on classes.
  • Improved the resolution of base types for classes.
  • Added the optional IResolver.UnknownReturnTypeReferenceCallback callback that can be used to provide return type references for unknown types.
  • Updated the resolver to recognize where 'cls()' in a class method can create a new instance of the related class.
  • Updated the IntelliPrompt completion list to filter unmatched items.
  • Updated the IntelliPrompt docstring display to retain presentation of line feeds.


The Views product has a new TaskBoard control added, available in all three (WPF, Silverlight, and WinRT) platforms.  TaskBoard can be used to create a board of reorderable columns and cards.  All of the drags use smooth animations to give you the feel that you are really interacting with the object.


The first full-source sample that comes with the control is a Repair Shop Scheduling demo, which shows how a TaskBoard can be used to interactively schedule work to resources, such as employees. TaskBoard excels at providing a visual way of representing work/tasks (displayed as cards) within a queue of some sort (displayed as a column).


The second sample is a Task Planning demo, which shows how a TaskBoard can visually organize a project's tasks.


We've added another new primitive SemiEllipse shape, which renders half of an ellipse.


The existing Triangle shape has a new IsClosed property that when set to false will create a triangle with only two of the sides rendered.


Finally, in the WPF Shared Library, we added GradientBrushSlider.CanAddStops and CanRemoveStops properties that determine whether stops can be added and removed from a GradientBrushSlider.

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Individual Silverlight Control Products Now Available


Silverlight Studio 2012.1 was released a little over a week ago and one thing we wanted to highlight was new purchasing options.  In the past, the only way to get our Silverlight products was via the Silverlight Studio bundle.

As of version 2012.1, all that has changed!  You now can purchase individual products like our Silverlight SyntaxEditor without needing to purchase the bundle option.  The bundle still continues to save money over purchasing all our Silverlight controls together.

Here are the Silverlight controls that are newly available for standalone purchase:

  • Bar Code - Vector-based 2D and linear bar code generation
  • Micro Charts - Small charts, also called sparklines, designed to visualize complex data
  • SyntaxEditor - A syntax-highlighting code editor control and parsing suite
  • Views - Unique Silverlight controls and panels that support fluid animated item layout
  • Wizard - Everything you need to quickly create wizard dialogs

And as before, the two SyntaxEditor add-ons are available for Silverlight too.

Check out our Silverlight products today.

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Silverlight Studio 2011.1 Released


Today is the day!  Silverlight Studio 2011.1 is now released and available for download.  This is an enormous new version that not only provides large enhancements to existing products, but adds two new products, and demos the new SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on. 

The two new control products, Wizard and Bar Code, are available for free to anyone with an active Silverlight Studio subscription.

Major new features are described below.  See the announcement post for the detailed list of enhancements and updates.

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WPF Studio 2011.1 Released


We’re very pleased to announce that WPF Studio 2011.1 build 540 has been released and is now available for download.  This version has a lot of very large updates, especially in the Docking/MDI and SyntaxEditor products.

Major new features are described below.  See the announcement post for the detailed list of enhancements and updates.

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2D QR Code

Our Bar Code product now includes a complete QR Code implementation that fully adheres to standards and allows you to code an enormous amount of data since it is two-dimensional.


Most modern mobile phones have bar code scanner apps that can read these codes.  When a URL is specified in the code, the apps redirect a browser right to it for more information.



Complete MVVM Support

New updates effectively let DockSite behave like an ItemsControl.  It can now bind to a collection of view models.  Each view model auto generates a docking window as a container (overridable in the same way you can with ItemsControl) that will wrap the view model and display content for it.

An implicitly defined DataTemplate resource for the view model can be used to render the view model’s content within the docking window.  An ItemContainerStyle can be set on the DockSite to bind docking window properties like Title, etc. to appropriate properties on the view model.

New MVVM demos and QuickStarts are included in our Sample Browser, along with some reusable common code (which you are free to use).  In addition, we have a new MVVM Features topic in our help file.

Prism 2.2 and 4.0 Integration

For Prism support, we've added the Docking/Prism Interop assembly, which includes a region adapter for the DockSite control.  Once the region adapter has been registered, the DockSite can be registered/named as a region, and you can add one or more views to it.  By default, the views will become documents (i.e. DocumentWindows) in the DockSite.  This can be altered by adding some metadata to tell the adapter whether you want the specified view to become a document or tool.
The installer comes with a prebuilt version of the Docking/Prism Interop assembly that targets Prism 2.2.  The Docking/Prism Interop source code is available at, and it is ready to be compiled to target Prism 4.0 . We've included a project file for both versions and used #if's to support both versions with the same code.

There are two new Prism samples included in 2011.1 that leverage Unity, with one targeting Prism 2.2 and one targeting Prism 4.0.

Miscellaneous Updates

Docking windows and containers now support the starting of drag operations programmatically. 

We also have merged all document and tool window styles into a single style for easier definition and support of implicit styles going forward.



Calculator Control

The new Calculator control can be used by end-users to interactively calculate numeric values.  It supports all the standard calculator functions, including: memory saving/recalling, square root, and inverse.  Three different display modes are available to show more or less functionality.


It is used as the default drop-down for several of the numeric EditBox controls, as seen above.

Rating Control

The new Rating control inherits from ItemsControl and renders glyphs that can be used present an average rating or collect a user rating.


By default, attractive star glyphs are used, but these can be easily replaced with any custom glyph.  There is also support for both horizontal and vertical orientations.


In this screen for a restaurant review UI, a custom fork glyph is used as the rating item template.



Miscellaneous Updates

Property Editors can now also be assigned by the type of the associated object, as well as by property name and type, which were previously supported.

Overridable methods have been added to DataFactory to allow easier customization of properties.



LL(*) Parser Framework Enhancements

An enormous amount of new features have been added to the LL(*) Parser Framework in 2011.1:

  • Type-specific AST node (distinct classes for each type of AST node) support.
  • Language Designer AST node code generation.
  • Language Designer ability to open assemblies that contain multiple parsers.
  • New tree constructors.
  • New can-match callback helper methods.
  • New error reporting methods.

See our previous blog post series for details on the new features.

First .NET Languages Add-on Beta

The long-awaited first beta of the WPF SyntaxEditor .NET Languages Add-on is now available.  Features for both the C# and Visual Basic languages include:

  • Abstract syntax tree (AST) generation.
  • Over 130 distinct AST node classes.
  • Automatic code outlining based on AST structure.
  • Reporting and automatic squiggle display of errors for invalid syntax.
  • Mouse hover quick info for syntax errors.
  • Line commenting.
  • Optionally change the parser to parse expressions, statements, etc. instead of compilation units.


The add-on has been extremely well tested and is ready for production use.  We only are keeping the beta tag on it until we add automated IntelliPrompt features.  We will be working on those in the coming weeks now that the first phase of the add-on is complete.

Web Languages Add-on Updates

The XML schema resolver now supports a default namespace, meaning that a xmlns attribute isn’t required on the XML’s root element to get automated IntelliPrompt to work based on a schema.

Easy Parsing of Text Strings

We’ve added a new SyntaxLanguageParsingExtensions.Parse extension method for ISyntaxLanguage that uses the language's IParser to parse specified text in the calling thread and return the IParseData result.  This feature makes it easy to parse a code snippet.

Squiggle Lines at Document End

Squiggle lines now can render at the document end, which is a common syntax error location when typing near the end of a document.

Performance Enhancements

We’ve implemented some major performance improvements in several areas of the product and in the Web Languages Add-on.



FanPanel Control

The new FanPanel control allows child elements to be positioned in sequential order along the z-axis, while keeping a focal item centered in the view. Additionally, items below or above the focal element can be easily faded, rotated, or offset using customizable properties, providing for some visually appealing layouts. 


This screen shows a horizontal layout where the focus item is in the middle and items before and after rotate away and fade out.


In this screen, the items render over the same center point and look similar to albums in Media Player.


In this layout we add a twist to the items.  There are many configurable properties that allow you create your own special effects.  And as the focal item changes, each item animates to its new position.

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Bar Code for WPF Announcement



Use a bar code scanner app on your mobile phone to decipher the QR Code message below:


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