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NavigationBar Office 2010 themes

Yesterday we released WPF Studio 2010.2, which has an enormous number of updates for our WPF products. 

Today I wanted to post a screenshot sample of the new NavigationBar Office 2010 themes.


You can see the Office 2010 theme updates use more of a transparent background for the NavigationBar with glossy buttons, just like in Outlook 2010.  These updates are in the current build of WPF Studio 2010.2, available for download now.

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WPF Studio 2010.2 released

We’re extremely pleased to announce the release of WPF Studio 2010.2, available now.  Customers with active subscriptions can upgrade to the latest version for free from their Organization Purchases page.

WPF Studio 2010.2 contains very major updates to the Docking/MDI, PropertyGrid, Ribbon, SyntaxEditor and Views products.

  • Docking/MDI adds complete layout serialization (MDI area too), new layout deserialization options, and many new UI options.
  • PropertyGrid makes numerous performance improvements and adds nested categories.
  • Ribbon adds Office 2010 themes with glass extensions into the tab area.
  • SyntaxEditor adds our new LL(*) Parser Framework, which is a grammar-based way to easily create parsers.  It also adds many new features and a new Getting Started series of QuickStarts that show how to build a custom syntax language start to finish.
  • The SyntaxEditor Web Languages Add-on has been released, which provides an advanced XML syntax language implementation with automated IntelliPrompt completion lists, quick info, schema validation, code outlining, and much more.
  • Views adds the new book control, previously shown in this post.

Download the free WPF Studio 2010.2 evaluation now

For a larger summary of updates and some screenshots, please view our latest newsletter:


Enjoy the new version!

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Docking/MDI for WPF Office 2010 theme preview

In the past several posts on Ribbon such as this and this, we showed some screenshots of the Office 2010 theme updates being added in WPF Studio 2010.2.  We’re updating our other products that have Office themes as well.  Today I’d like to share some of the theme updates being applied to Docking/MDI for WPF.


This screenshot shows Docking/MDI’s Office 2010 blue theme with tabbed MDI.  PropertyGrid is also visible in the floating tool window.  More...

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Book control coming in WPF Studio 2010.2

Today I’d like to show some screenshots of a brand new control that is being added to our Views for WPF product in the upcoming 2010.2 release.

The new control is a book control that allows you to render any WPF content within its pages.  You have complete control over how the book is rendered, its orientation, and much more.


Page transitions are completely animated using sophisticated curling algorithms.  Hot spot areas at the page corners curl towards the mouse and the page turn follows the mouse exactly like a real book’s pages would turn.


You can design product brochures, travel guides, and more.


Semi-transparent pages are fully supported too, meaning that you can layer multiple pages on top of each other.  In the screenshot above we show how a children’s flip book can be created where each page has a semi-transparent area that layer to create a castle scene.  The page being turned has a tree on it.

The book control has virtualization capabilities and can be bound to custom data.  Any WPF control can be used in pages as content. 

Be sure to check out this new control when it appears in the upcoming WPF Studio 2010.2 version.  It will also appear in the future Silverlight 2010.2 version.

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Ribbon 2010.2 theme updates to add toggle minimization button

We recently showed a number of screenshots of the Office 2010 theme updates coming to Ribbon for WPF in our 2010.2 version.  Today I’d like to show the addition of a new toggle minimization button that you can optionally include in the set of controls that appear on the right side of the Ribbon’s tabs:


In this screenshot you can see the mouse hovered over the button.  Clicking it will toggle the Ribbon’s minimization state.


Clicking it again will restore the Ribbon to full view.  This is the same functionality as double-clicking on the tabs.

This new control will be included in the WPF Studio 2010.2 release, due in the next couple weeks.

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Ribbon for WPF Office 2010 screenshot gallery

In our last post (Ribbon for WPF Office 2010 theme updates), we gave a list of the major new theme features coming to Ribbon for WPF in the 2010.2 release, all of which deal with the Office 2010 look and feel.  Today I’d like to post some more various screenshots.

Document1 - Actipro Ribbon Sample

This shows the default “system” style when run on Windows 7.  Note that the entire ribbon UI has the Office 2010 look but it’s using Aero colors.

Document1 - Actipro Ribbon Sample (2)

Here we have the Office 2010 black theme with glass extension into the tab area, same as in the “system” theme screenshot above.  If you have other windows behind the tabs, you can see it since there is a little transparency over that area.

Document1 - Actipro Ribbon Sample (4)

This is the Office 2010 blue theme with a split button showing a popup gallery.

Document1 - Actipro Ribbon Sample (3)

Finally here is the Office 2010 silver theme with Aero glass effects off and a contextual tab displayed.

These updates will be in WPF Studio 2010.2, that should be released in the next couple weeks.

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Ribbon for WPF Office 2010 theme updates

Today I wanted to quickly share a first preview screenshot of the Office 2010 theme updates we’re doing on Ribbon for WPF.


Some exciting key updates are:

  • Proper Office 2010 color scheme (for blue, black, and silver variations)
  • Updated contextual tab rendering
  • Template updates for many controls including tabs, groups, separators, etc. to match Office 2010
  • Improved clarity of title bar text
  • Transparent glass effects extension into the tab area
  • Ability to continue to use Office 2007 variations that even retain the more 2007-like control templates

These updates will be part of the WPF Studio 2010.2 version that we are working hard to get out as soon as possible, probably the next 2-3 weeks.

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SyntaxEditor for WPF to get squiggle tag quick info provider

The 2010.2 version of SyntaxEditor for WPF (and the same for the 2010.2 Silverlight Studio release) will get a new built-in language service called SquiggleTagQuickInfoProvider that you can register on your language.  When this service is registered and the mouse is moved over a squiggle, it checks the squiggle data to see if there is related content available that can be displayed in an IntelliPrompt popup.  If so, it displays it.  Here’s and example of quick info for a parse error:


In this sample, we’re using the Web Languages Add-on’s XML language.  The XML parser returned that there was a parse error because there is an unexpected duplicate end tag.  We already have a built-in tagger that automatically looks for parse errors from a parser and makes squiggle lines in the editor for them.  Now with this new quick info provider, mouse hovers over the squiggles will also show the text of the parse error.

If you have a parser on your language that is capable of returning parse errors, then it just takes two lines of code to register the parse error tagger (which renders the squiggles) and the new squiggle tag quick info provider, thereby giving you all this functionality.