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New WinForms SyntaxEditor and UIStudio maintenance releases

We’ve just released new SyntaxEditor for WinForms and UIStudio for WinForms maintenance releases the other day.  The new SyntaxEditor build has numerous functionality updates, adds three new sample languages (C, C++, and RTF), and improves the .NET Language Add-on’s automated IntelliPrompt in Visual Basic.  Enjoy!

WPF Studio 2010.1 build 523 redeployed

Due to the updated SyntaxEditor add-on for integrating with Microsoft’s Oslo ‘M’ Language Definitions (formerly called MGrammar), which is now .NET 4.0-based, we had a customer run into issues installing WPF Studio because he didn’t have .NET 4.0 on his system yet.

We just added a separate option for whether to install the ‘M’ Language Definitions add-on during install.  Customers who do not have .NET 4.0 installed should keep that install option disabled.

The redeploy of the WPF Studio installers is now live and should work again for those who don’t have .NET 4.0 installed, since .NET 3.5 SP1 is our target platform for all other parts of WPF Studio.  If you downloaded build 523 in the last couple days, didn’t have .NET 4.0 on your system, and were unable to install, please download the updated installer that should now work for you.

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WPF Studio 2010.1 build 523 released

We’ve just posted WPF Studio 2010.1 build 523, which contains a lot of minor updates, enhancements, and fixes for the various WPF products.

Most notably, we’ve updated our Oslo add-on for SyntaxEditor to support the latest ‘M’ Language Definitions (formerly called MGrammar) version.

For a complete list of what changed, please see this announcement post.

What’s next?

With the recent release of Silverlight Studio 2010.1, we are now back on track with major new WPF development.  We’ll post more on upcoming new features and enhancements in the coming weeks.  Our development plan is to work on PropertyGrid, Docking/MDI, SyntaxEditor, Ribbon, and Views with some big updates to all of those products.

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Silverlight Studio is live and ready for download!

After many months of hard work, we’ve finished the first version of Silverlight Studio and have released it to the public!



Silverlight Studio contains these products:

We’re really excited to see what our customers do with SyntaxEditor, since that sort of control opens up all sorts of possibilities for online development/scripting applications.

Live Demo and Free Evaluation

We have a live demo that you can run if you have Silverlight 4 installed.  It showcases the controls:

We encourage you to download a free evaluation of the suite and try it out in Visual Studio 2010 or Blend.  Note that if you use VS 2010, you must have the Silverlight 4 Tools for VS 2010 installed from Microsoft.

Moving Forward

Once you get a chance to check out the new products, please send us some feedback.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have fun coding!

Final Silverlight Studio closed beta released

Today we uploaded our final update to the Silverlight Studio closed beta.  We are just finishing up designer functionality and then will be ready for Silverlight Studio’s public release.

Our goal is to have it out sometime this week.  Keep watching our blog and Twitter posts for breaking news.

Preview of SyntaxEditor for Silverlight’s completion list

We wanted to squeeze one last feature into SyntaxEditor for Silverlight (our upcoming code editor control) before locking down the code for RTM.  I’m pleased to announce that nearly all the IntelliPrompt completion list functionality found in the WPF version of SyntaxEditor will be available in the Silverlight version!

Let’s see an example…


Here we are editing code in SyntaxEditor and press Ctrl+Space.  This opens the completion list.  The completion list is populated via a language service, meaning that each language implementation decides what to show and when, generally by examining AST data for the document.  In this sample, we hard-coded some values.

Once the completion list was opened, I typed an underscore character and the first item matched on that typed text so it became highlighted.  Note that a description tip appeared next to the selected item, giving more detail about it.  Description tips are fully customizable and can be built using our custom mini-HTML formatting language, or by inserting Silverlight controls directly.

Note that there are a number of filter buttons and tabs in this completion list sample.  You can click those buttons and tabs to filter out items that are presented in the list.  I will uncheck the Method button and will select the Public members tab.  This means that methods will no longer be shown and only public members will be displayed.  Let’s see the result:


That is really neat because it updates live.  Note that use of the filter buttons and/or tabs is completely optional.  Since we filtered out the item that was matched by our typed text, the top item is now partially selected.

I hope this gives you a quick introduction to some of the upcoming SyntaxEditor for Silverlight’s completion list UI capabilities.  Just imagine what you can do with these features in a Silverlight-based online IDE!

This all will be available in the coming days when Silverlight Studio goes RTM!  Continue watching our blog for details.

Silverlight Studio closed beta begins

Today we released our closed beta of Silverlight Studio to a private group of testers.  For more information on Silverlight Studio or how to become a tester, please read our last blog post.