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WPF Studio 2009.2.0510 redeployed with a couple fixes

We found a couple issues with the WPF Studio 2009.2 release from last night and just deployed updated ZIPs with the fixes.  If you downloaded WPF Studio before 1pm EST on 12/17/2009, please re-download the build, uninstall what you have, and install the new one.  Note that the build numbers are the same for the redeployed build.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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WPF Studio 2009.2 gives the gift of major new features for the holidays

WPF Studio 2009.2 and just been released and is available for download now.  This new major version has some enormous updates in it, the larger of which we’ll describe below.

See our related forum announcement for exact details on what updates were made in each product.


Docking/MDI for WPF

Floating document functionality like in Visual Studio 2010

Document windows in 2009.2 support the ability to be dragged out of the MDI area and floated.  This allows end users to move documents to secondary monitors.  This has been a very highly-requested feature by our end users.  The functionality matches what is found in Visual Studio 2010.


All floating windows can now be maximized, and a custom chrome is used to render floating window titlebars and borders.

This previous blog post talks about the new features in more detail.


Editors for WPF

AnalogClock control added

A new AnalogClock control is now included that can render a clock with hour, minute, and optional second hands. 


The hands can be dragged to set new time values.

EnumListBox control added

EnumListBox is a new control that makes it extremely easy to pick between enumeration values using checkboxes or radio buttons.  It even can render alternate display text based on Description attributes.

EnumEditBox control added

The new EnumEditBox control is an editor implementation that has a dropdown with an EnumListBox.  When the dropdown is closed, the selected enumeration value is displayed.


DateTimeEditBox updated to display clock in dropdown

The popular DateTimeEditBox control has been updated to display a time entry section on its dropdown when a date/time or time-only value are edited in it.


The DateTimeEditBox will automatically toggle whether a month calendar and/or clock are available in the dropdown based on the date/time format used for the control.


Navigation for WPF

ZoomContentControl added

Need a control that provides an intuitive interface for navigating around large content?  The new ZoomContentControl has what you need.  It is extremely configurable, and allows for easy zooming/panning and other operations.


This sort of control is perfect for browsing around content such as large pictures, maps, reports, designers, and more.

Custom buttons (like the Open Image button above) or other controls can be easily embedded in the UI.


Ribbon for WPF

In-ribbon galleries add support for multiple display rows

You asked for it and we delivered.  In-ribbon galleries now support more than one display row if the height of the items can fit more than one row.


The rows even animate up and down as you scroll between them.


SyntaxEditor for WPF

Tagging mechanism added

Tagging is an exciting new feature area that allows any text range in a document to be “tagged” with custom data.  This data could be anything from custom classifications to something that indicates a squiggle line should be drawn when the text is rendered.

Adornments mechanism added

The new adornments features allow any custom UI elements to be inserted into the text area surface.  This is one of the most exciting feature areas added to SyntaxEditor since it opens up the doors for providing amazing visualization customizations to end users.  Our favorite demo of adornments is the sample that shows how to make animated smoke puff near the caret as you type.


See this previous post that talks about a number of new samples that show off ideas for adornment usage.

Squiggle line support added

A built-in adornment layer supports squiggle line rendering. 


Now you can “tag” document text ranges that have syntax errors and the squiggles will show up automatically in SyntaxEditor.

New event sinks and improved language service design

We’ve added a number of new event sinks that let your syntax language classes process when new documents or views are attached to or detached from the language.  A number of language services have been opened up so that more than one instance of a service type can be registered.  This means you could have two completion provider services in place, etc.

More documentation

We’ve added a lot more documentation, especially in the area of language creation.  Our language creation walk-through topic now also gives a table of common syntax language features and links to the steps/services needed to implement them.


All controls

Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 3 designer support added

Version 2009.2 adds designer support for Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 3.

New samples added

We’ve added a number of new QuickStarts for the various products to demo controls and features.  SyntaxEditor alone is up to about 55 full source samples.

Upgrade Notes

Since 2009.2 is a major new version, 2009.1 customers will need new license keys to use the 2009.2 version. 

If you are an existing customer and have an active subscription, you can log into your Actipro account and there should be a link near the top of your Organization Purchases page allowing you to request a free upgrade to 2009.2.

Alternatively if your subscription has expired, you can order a renewal from our purchasing pages.

If you are using individual WPF products but would like to switch to either the WPF Essentials bundle or WPF Studio suite, e-mail our sales team and we’ll be happy to discuss discounted upgrade options.

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