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Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF and Editors for WPF are released


SyntaxEditor for WPF with a custom theme loaded

Yesterday evening we published WPF Studio 2009.1, which includes the first SyntaxEditor for WPF public beta and the official release of Editors for WPF.  These products have been highly requested by our customers so we’re very pleased to get them out into your hands.  More...

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Editors / PropertyGrid interop features coming in WPF Studio v5.0

We are working hard to get WPF Studio 5.0 released, which includes our new Editors for WPF product. By themselves, the controls provided by Editors for WPF are extremely useful, but we also wanted to make them easy to integrate into our PropertyGrid for WPF product. In order to keep both products segregated, we created an interop assembly that ties the two products together. This allows each product to be sold separately, while still providing reusable code and samples for customers who own both products.


A PropertyGrid with various Editors controls included


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WPF Studio suite v5.0 is getting close to release

Sorry we haven’t been blogging much the past couple of weeks.  We’ve been focusing all our efforts on polishing off Editors for WPF and SyntaxEditor for WPF (public beta), both of which will be part of the upcoming WPF Studio v5.0 release.


Just to get you excited, I’ve included a screenshot above showing the new product family tabs for Editors and SyntaxEditorMore...

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