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Actipro Blog 2009 Q1 posting summary

Here is a quick categorized list of blog postings made in quarter 1 of 2009.  We’ve done a lot of posts on SyntaxEditor for WPF and Editors for WPF functionality.  Both products will be part of WPF Studio v5.0.

We currently are working on documentation and doing other final touches in preparation for the release of WPF Studio v5.0.  Anyone with an active subscription for WPF Studio v4.5 will get v5.0 free when it is released.  More...


SyntaxEditor for WPF - Advanced themes and highlighting style features

The past several days we’ve been cleaning up code (running code analysis, fixing XML comment errors, making sure all strings are resources, etc.) as we finalize the features for the first public beta of SyntaxEditor for WPF.

One area that still needed some work is themes and how highlighting styles function.  We implemented a lot of neat features that will make it easy to have your apps work just like how Visual Studio does.  More...

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SyntaxEditor for WPF - Two additional search pattern providers added

We’re on the home stretch, finalizing the features that will be available for the public beta of SyntaxEditor for WPF.

In a recent post we talked about an extensibility point where you can create custom search pattern providers.  These providers let your end users type in find/replace search patterns in a custom format that you designate.

Built-in pattern providers include: Normal, Regular Expression, and Wildcard.

Well now we’ve added two more, Acronym and Shorthand.  These are based on the similar algorithms we use when doing completion list matching such as in this postMore...

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Preview of new advanced MonthCalendar for WPF

We are nearly finished with work on a new MonthCalendar control, which will be included with Editors for WPF. This version offers several features not found in the existing MonthCalendar found in the Shared Library, such as multiple selection and the ability to zoom out/in to navigate to different months, years, or decades.  More...

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SyntaxEditor for WPF - Advanced find/replace features demo

Today we put the finishing touches on the search framework in SyntaxEditor for WPF.  We’re really happy with what we have so far but definitely would like to get your additional feedback once the public beta is released.

I’d like to show off the main find/replace QuickStart in this blog post to illustrate some features.


And unmodified SyntaxEditor with one tool window containing the search UI control described in a previous blog post


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SyntaxEditor for WPF - Custom search pattern formats

Based on some of the feedback we got from our last blog post on find/replace functionality, we’ve implemented a new extensibility feature in SyntaxEditor for WPF: custom search pattern formats.  More...

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SyntaxEditor for WPF - Input on find/replace functionality

We’ve spent the past several days working on find/replace functionality in SyntaxEditor for WPF.  This is one of the few remaining feature areas that needs to be finished before we release a public beta.

The core document find/replace model has been in place for a while now, but we’ve started working on the view find/replace model.  The view model is more interactive with the UI view such as where the caret is, when you search past the end of the document, etc.  The view model harnesses the searching functionality provided by the core document model.  More...

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