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See you at PDC 2008!


Sunday I'll be getting on a plane to Los Angeles to represent Actipro at this year's Microsoft PDC convention.  Sorry but Actipro won't be having a booth this year.  Instead, I will be focused on being a sponge and picking up information on all the cutting-edge technology coming down the road.  :)

My schedule will primarily focus on the WPF, Silverlight, Visual Studio, and future .NET language enhancement sessions.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what is in development for future releases of WPF and Silverlight.

I'm sure many of our valued Actipro customers will be in attendance at these sessions as well so if you happen to see me around, please feel free to introduce yourself and say hi.  I'll be bumming around with my good friend Eric Smith of Codesmith Tools.  Also feel free to email our sales address (which I will probably continue to monitor) if you'd like to meet up somewhere, and we'll see what we can do.

See you there and enjoy the show!

Bill Henning

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Ribbon and NavigationBar get new Aero themes

The latest maintenance release 4.5.0475 of WPF Studio adds new attractive Aero themes for Ribbon and NavigationBar.  These new Aero themes match great with our other WPF products such as Docking & MDI.

Additionally we've added a Change Theme button to the top of our Sample Browser.  This lets you quickly set the application-wide theme for the Sample Browser.  You can even use the Change Theme button in our XBAP live demos.

Ribbon Aero Theme


A RibbonWindow that contains a Ribbon as well as a DockSite with tool and document windows

Note how Ribbon and Docking & MDI now look great together in Aero.  The above screenshot was taken with glass effects disabled so that you can see how RibbonWindow renders with its Aero theme when used on XP systems.

NavigationBar Aero Theme


The new NavigationBar Aero theme

Enjoy the updates!

New PropertyGrid features and other WPF Studio build 471 updates

The latest maintenance release of Actipro WPF Studio v4.5.0471 includes several large updates to the PropertyGrid product, several small updates to other WPF Studio products, and a number of brand new QuickStarts for the Sample Browser.

PropertyGrid Features


The first new PropertyGrid feature is the ability to quickly and easily filter the items presented. We've included several built-in filters for string and boolean properties, as well as filter groups. String filters support everything from Equals to regular expressions and groups can be used to combine any number of filters using AND/OR logic.

PropertyGridBeforeFilter PropertyGridAfterFilter

Shows the PropertyGrid before (left) and after (right) text is typed to filter out properties by name

We designed the filters so that they can readily be used directly from XAML, including support for data binding. Custom filters can be used when the built-in filters are not enough. 

Filters allow users to quickly find a specific item, or they can be used to permanently exclude items from being displayed. 

A common use of filters is to provide a TextBox above the property grid.  When the end user types in text, only the properties whose names contain the text are displayed.  This is displayed in the screenshot above.

Read-Only State

We have also added a read-only state to the PropertyGrid, which is configured using the new IsReadOnly property. Using this new property, all the value editors in the PropertyGrid can be set to prevent changes.


PropertyGrid with the global IsReadOnly flag set to true; note all values are disabled in this mode

Memory Usage and Other Fixes

Several memory issues and other fixes found since the initial product release are also included in this release.

New Demos and QuickStarts

We've added five completely new demos and QuickStarts to this release, along with updating two of our existing QuickStarts with new functionality.

Docking & MDI Custom Docking Windows

We've had several requests to allow our DocumentWindow and ToolWindow controls to be inherited so that they can be defined as their own classes with separate XAML.  There was a core WPF issue that prevented this in the past (styles wouldn't be applied to the inherited controls) however we've found a workaround for this issue and implemented it in build 471.

In addition, we've added a new QuickStart that shows exactly how to define custom DocumentWindow and ToolWindow classes and reuse them in a DockSite.

MonthCalendar Day Highlighting

Another request we've gotten from several customers is to be able to highlight certain days within our MonthCalendar control.  In build 471, we show the implementation of a custom class that highlights certain days. 


The MonthCalendar control showing several types of highlighted days

The same concept could be used to highlight holidays, birthdays, etc. in your own applications.

Enjoy the update!

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